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Workshop Visual Information Coding Meets Machine Learning: Large-Scale Challenges (VICML 2017)

The aim of the Workshop is to present new solutions addressing challenges of large-scale multimedia applications. The session will focus on new groundbreaking technologies exploring large collections of images, videos, audios and text documents. Besides the recent impressive achievements in the domain of local descriptors developed for various types of multimedia contents and deep learning neural networks, most of these technologies face numerous shortcomings related to the complexity, memory and robustness. Also most popular relational database and data warehouses management systems do not provide efficient solutions for handling visual information. These problems have a multidisciplinary nature and require expertise from computer vision, image processing, coding, machine learning and database management. Therefore, this session should serve as an additional opportunity for multidisciplinary researchers to exchange their experience and ideas on the above open problems.

List of topics

The Workshop will cover but it is not limited to:

  • New methods of efficient content representation targeting complexity-memory-robustness trade-off
  • New techniques of data encoding for fast retrieval and recognition
  • New methods of benchmarking and optimization targeting comparison of description based and neural network based systems
  • Machine learning architectures for visual recognition
  • Deep learning algorithms and models
  • Convolutional networks
  • Mobile visual search systems
  • Fine-grained recognition systems
  • Cloud computing and architectures for computer vision
  • Security and privacy-preserving retrieval and recognition systems
  • Novel algorithms based on computational intelligence for analyzing online analytical processing (OLAP) data
  • Optimization of processes associated with relational databases performance
  • SQL language extensions for handling multimedia, large text objects, and spatial data
  • NoSQL databases for visual data
  • Applications


Rafal Angryk, Georgia State University, USA

Marcin Korytkowski, Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland

Rafal Scherer, Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland, e-mail:

Slava Voloshynovskiy, University of Geneva, Switzerland, e-mail:,